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Browser Extension Wallet
for EVM

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Unique Features
No Tracking & Open Source

0 tracking data of any kind not even analytics. Open source, based on etheres, not a fork wallet.

Simple Interface & implements MetamaskAPI

Simple and intuitive interface for managing accounts and networks. Implements MetamaskAPI, so you can use any dapp with this wallet.

Full controll

Full control over your private keys and accounts, only local storage is used. Set encryption how you like, even require password on every transaction/sign.

Import / Export

Import / Export accounts, add any network or account supports privte key or mnemonic import.

Wipe with a click

Wipe all data with a single click


Lightweight, no ads, no tracking, no analytics, no bloatware. Less then 400kb.

Write/Read Contracts

This wallet allows you to load and save ABIs and interact with contracts.

Right-click your address

This wallet allows you to right click your current selected account address on any editable field on every website including inside of the wallet itself.

Repeatable Actions

This wallet allows you to repeat any save interactions with contracts so you can easily repeat the same actions.

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